Vernon Perdue

Senior Project Manager

FAM Construction

Vernon Perdue

FAM Construction has been supporting the construction of 22 miles of improvements to interstate 66 to help improve safety and reduce commute times for the people of Northern Virginia.

Luck Stone has been by our side through this entire project, providing us with a huge volume of the exact right aggregate products at the exact right time, a huge feat of production and coordination on the part of their Bull Run and Manassas teams. They’ve also consulted with us on environmental requirements—they’re always thinking years ahead on that. And they’ve provided us with lay-down area for our equipment—their knowledge and strategy on real estate in the Northern Virginia area is a huge asset.

Luck Stone is way more than a supplier; they are a true partner to us at FAM Construction. And I know this commitment comes from the top. I went to VMI with Charlie Luck years ago. I always respected him for the man he was then, and I respect him for the man he is now.