Tom Williams

Tom Williams


19 years of service

My favorite memories at Luck Stone was when I helped to design and build probably the Boscobel Plant. It was just a lot, a lot of opportunities to learn a lot and to go through and build a whole plant back in the 1980s. That just was quite an experience and learned a lot of different things and got a chance to interact with a lot of different groups, the construction group and things like that. And I was part of the engineering group at that time and to come up with new things, new ideas, like a automatic train load-out system or things like that, something that wasn't being done by other companies.

But again, Luck Stone gave us the chance to go ahead and pursue those things and to do it in just a very enjoyable and memorable time for me, building that plant and designing that plant. Building plants and things like that, we would go around the country and look at how other companies were doing things and Luck always gave us the opportunity to grow and to do those things and to better ourselves by doing that.

It's just been a great time. Thank you very much.