Tim Tharpe

Former President and General Manager

JR Tharpe Trucking Co, Inc.

Tim Tharpe

JR Tharpe Trucking has been in business for 50+ years, and has grown from 8 trucks in 1971 to over 107 trucks today. I think much of our growth was based not solely on the high demand for trucks, but also on some key things I learned from the people of Luck Stone.

Their emphasis on values and integrity resonates strongly with my work ethic, so I incorporated that into our daily business structure. We made a solid professional team together. Luck Stone did not just provide a nice living for my family, it also formed friendships and sincere relationships that I am certain will continue for future generations.

I have the utmost respect for Charlie Luck and his dedicated team, and I appreciate our many decades working together. We hope to always be connected to the Luck work family on some level. Congratulations on 100 years in business.