Ted Kelso

President and General Operations Manager

Virginia Construction Company

Ted Kelso

Virginia Construction Company is a full-service sitework contractor. We’ve worked with Luck Stone as both a customer and a vendor, building a strong partnership over many years. You can probably count on one hand the jobs I haven’t given to Luck Stone.

We would even go to the extent to pay more for product just to deal with Luck Stone because they are so fair to work with and good to get along with. I have been especially impressed with how they move their people around the organization to help them learn and grow. This can be a risk because the customer may have gotten used to working with their contact. But somehow the next person in that role is always just as committed and great to work with as the first person. I really don’t know how they do it.

Luck Stone provides a great product, but all businesses have to do something to make themselves stick out from the crowd, and with them, it’s the relationship.