Ron Hope

Ron Hope


41 Years of Service

What working for Luck Stone meant to me the most, was just being able to be creative, and it provided an opportunity to really bond with people. Some of them really become like family members, and it just meant so much to me and my family to be able to have such a long tenure at Luck Stone.

Certainly, starting out at 21 years of age, working all the way through to retirement, just learning opportunity, certainly bonding with people, mentoring people, just having opportunities to grow as an individual, just really had certainly a positive impact on me and my family. So much so that we have a third generation son working at Luck as well.

One of my favorite memories was transitioning from a bulk truck driver, hauling ammonium nitrate fuel oil for the blasting, to actually becoming a blasting technician, which was a newly created position. And that was in 90, so that was probably my favorite memory. Starting out at the ground level, driving a bulk truck and learning how to blast. And then becoming a technician and training people all across the company, watching them grow and becoming blasters, in each one of our sites.