Butch Rakes

Butch Rakes


28 Years of Service

The main thing about Luck Stone, which makes it so special, is the people that you work with every day and how the company really cares about its people. Couple memories come to mind. One is, several years ago we had an associate that worked with us, his wife had cancer. And he was trying to be able to spend some time with her, quality time obviously, as she was going through this ordeal, and he had run out of vacation. And a lot of the people came up and asked why we could not donate our vacation to this individual so he could use that time and still get paid to be able to spend that time with his wife. So I took it to the personnel department and they took it forward and got with the leadership team. Because, at that time we had no policy to be able to do that.

So we was able to come up with a policy, that's still here today, that if want to donate and someone's on FMLA, you're able to donate your vacation time to those guys so they can have the time they need and not go through a financial hardship. That's one of the memories.

And the other memory is when Mr. Luck was here, Charlie's Daddy, I was going in for back surgery. And I got a call one day from Mr. Luck and he just said, "Butch, heard you're going in for surgery." And I said, "Yes sir." And he said, "Well, I just want to let you know that if you ever need anything, you call me. I know a lot of people that can help you, so if there's anything I can do for you, you just let me know." And that meant a lot to me at that time because I didn't even know he knew that I was going in. And for him to care enough to actually call and make sure everything was going to be okay was very special to me. Those are two great memories that I have. There's many, many more, but those two are most special to me.