Aubrey Witt

Aubrey Witt


34 Years of Service

I cannot say enough good things about working at Luck Stone. I have grown and I started out with it. When I left school at the eighth grade with a eighth grade education and I ended up in the construction of the company, building the plants. I enjoyed my work every day to come to work. I looked forward to coming to work every day.

The things that I like most, I got to see all of the quarries and stuff like that. As time went on, I become a lead person, then a foreman on the job, and I think it was '84, I got promoted to the construction superintendent.

With my education that I had, I went back to college and taken some courses that I needed, but no degree at all. I needed a engineer's degree to... shouldn't have been in that slot, but anyhow, I ended up in that slot. I had my wildest dream when they said I would in life, that I would end up in a job like this, as a construction superintendent.

I just cannot thank Luck Stone for enough of what it means to me or how much it meant to me to be where I was in life, with what little education I had. It meant a lot. It was just, I can't say enough good things about Luck Stone.